Sunday, July 26, 2009

wedding entrance

I have been to some weddings and there have been some very emotional ones for me; this one though has made me smile and think - what courage have they?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

outreach !

This is a great video and explains some of the sentiments that we have here although it's not so easy for us. It did give me an idea though for after the summer. We are doing something like this but on a much smaller scale

it's a church based in the US so bear that in mind when you watch it - not difficult as they have US accents.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


They say that everyone has a book inside them waiting to be written. I honestly believe that. My mum had a pile of research that she had done for a book she wanted to write.I would have loved to have seen it written as my mum had a particular way of communicating so effectively. She understood words and their power.

I love books and have several on the go continually. I am reading one by Rob Bell called "Jesus wants to save Christians". A real challenge to me and I read it slowly and in stages and that way I can make the most it - I even bought me friend a copy so I wouldn't have to share mine and then I can write all over it too.
Another book that I am taking my time to read as it is full of lots of information is called "Sex Traffic" and it is written by an Italian journalist called Paola Monzini. it's about the trafficking problem in Italy and how it fits internationally as a destination and transit country. fascinating to me as when I was visiting recently a lady told me that trafficking and prostitution are not to do with Italy and it isn't really an issue. Tell that to all the women that stand on the side of the road and sell their bodies. tell them that they are not an issue. (I need to calm down as I feel a rant coming on).

And then there are the books that take me away from all the muck and junk and into my fantasy world. Yesterday I picked up Danielle Steel's book, "Rogue. I can guarantee a happy ending and there are days I need that. I love the fact that I can slip into a world of fairy tales and be a child again. Actually, my favourite books at the moment to read for that feeling of being lost in someone elses life are Christian fiction books. I am reading a series called "love finds you..." and they are set in the 50 states of America. Somebody always finds Jesus and I need that too. I often wonder if what I say is falling on deaf ears. They are great to make me wanna stay up all night and to get me involved in the story. I get scared about starting one in case I wont have time to finish it and often end up all night finishing off the story.

I am also really bad as I love to read the ending before I buy a book. I need a happy ending as so many of those I minister to and with don't have happy endings in their lives.

Anyway, books are a source of challenge, learning, escapism and maybe one day I will write my own. I keep threatening to do it and I have many ideas available, but will The Salvation Army publish it - I doubt it!

Whatever you are enjoying reading - please share, I am always on the lookout, but remember I need happy endings. I don't mind what happens in the middle just as long as there is a happy ending.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

7th July

4 years ago today, I was a part of something that changed London forever. The bits I remember are standing in the rain with a young policeman directing people after the bombs blew in Kings Cross. hearing the explosion of the bus in Tavistock Square and then the extraordinary unity amongst the people that shared those minutes, seconds and hours. I remember learning to flip burgers and laughing,crying and listening to and with the emergency workers. I remember not being able to contact my parents to tell them I was alive and okay. I remember running as fast as i could when a bomb scare happened. I remember waking up the day after and being convinced that I had dreamt it all. I remember making Mel come with me to Waterloo bridge to make sure that London was still standing.
That was four years ago and it seems so much longer, but each 7th July I will remember those minutes and hours and days that followed.
It was definitely a where were you moment? where was I? I was where I am now - in the midst of my community.

Here is a link to the memorial in London.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have just climbed the stairs to get my phone when I suddenly felt the need to tap something out on here. Maybe it was because of the book that has engrossed me; maybe because I have been looking at my Mural photos on facebook again and all the lovely comments - who knows?
Today has been a weird day. the sun has been shining and I must been one of the few who was grateful for time in a dingy cool office, although the admin bit stinks but when you have music - all can be accomplished. It has been a busy few days but through the meetings and the thoughts and prayers and all the stuff that has happened recently (anniversaries, solitary trips to cemetery etc), I have had the chance to think about how blessed I feel.
On Monday through the medium of film - i shared with some of the men the abhorrence that is Human Trafficking - Taken, a great film starring Liam Neeson. All this whilst Chris and the Cadets were on outreach. As I saw the images of the women being bought and sold I thanked God that I was brought up in a family that never treated me like an object but a real person. I watched as J left and all I could offer him was a sleeping bag. I cleaned Faith House and then locked up the door to my nice safe house and put on an intruder alarm.

Tuesday came and I saw people get involved with the Mural that friends came and designed to symbolise Faith House. It isn't finished but it is getting there. The idea that I can happily fill in the lines and someone else cares about the detail is so comforting to me.

Then Wednesday came and we had a painting session again. Something special happened though. People with no connections came together to create something beautiful and something that will be there for hotel guests to see and enjoy. The Mural - it also brought someone who we haven't seen for a while come close and ask my forgiveness because she hasn't been round so much.

I am blessed because I have the time to read and enjoy and relax and cook my favourite food, but more than that - I am blessed because I get to work at Faith House and see God do some miracles each day.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

too many thoughts.

since I last posted a thought here I have visited Italy and conducted a wedding there in Italian. I have been busy at work leading worship in a women's prison, reading books on trafficking of people, done lots of good outreach and remembered my parents as June the 7th has passed and June 21st approaches.
Lots has happened but I have to tell you some of the things that have changed me this month.
1. I am forever grateful to those that have become family and regularly remember me when the anniversary of my parents death rolls around. It's two years ago now and it seems like only yesterday.
2. I am forever grateful that God has allowed me to enter into the businesses that we do here at Faith House and after 2 years of praying and 6 months of making contact we are now welcomed with open arms into different businesses.
3. I am convinced more than ever of the vocation that God has given me and that even I can do this beautiful ministry that he has called me too. I am not always brilliant at it - if ever? But I am convinced that i am here because God has placed me here.
4. I can hold my own in Italian - I am confident in speaking it but never feel that i do it justice but after the wedding in Naples I know that i can and am able to communicate all I need to through another language and as a result I have decided to start studying Romanian.

Anyway, it's a very boring blog - but lots has happened and I have not much time to tell it all!

Monday, May 25, 2009

long time

I fly to Italy tomorrow very early. I am going to lead a wedding. What can I say - I got the best view in the house. I get to look at the bride and groom and be right there as a front seat witness.
A privilege to be with to friends as they share and make promises to each other.
On a different note - I am slightly freaking out cos it's all in Italian and I have to get it right!
if you believe in prayer and the power of it - please pray for the gift of tongues (especially Italian one).